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Joe Tarver of Cycle for Life

Budding entrepreneurs are often unprepared for some of the rigors of owning and operating a business. Typically, these professionals turn to veterans within their respective industries who have accumulated various insights to propel them to success. Reason being business development and entrepreneurship veterans hold vital insights that can go a long way toward helping newcomers hone their skills, overcome obstacles, and set themselves apart from competitors in their spaces.

Joe Tarver of Cycle for Life is a business development professional and entrepreneur who has built a career on his ability to balance tried and true industry principles with a commitment to changing the world for the better. Joe Tarver hopes to act as a resource for individuals looking to learn more about entrepreneurship and business development through a collection of high-level resources that detail his insights.

About Joe Tarver of Cycle for Life

Joe Tarver is a successful business development professional and entrepreneur operating in Lubbock, Texas. Over 34 years ago, Joe Tarver, his wife Nona, and their son Brad began the process of manufacturing therapeutic cycles for children and adults with special needs. Joe Tarver recognized that physical challenges and limitations prevented many people from riding a bike despite the fact that they enjoy the exercise. With this idea in mind, Joe and Nona Tarver developed a plan to customize cycles to address the diverse needs of these individuals. In the plan for the business, Joe also saw it fit to design a way that each person could earn a bike of their own in a way that was both innovative and fun for all involved. This combined with his patented front-wheel drive technology empowered Joe to pursue the creation of his own business.

Joe Tarver of Cycle for Life

Joe Tarver eventually founded Cycle for Life an organization dedicated to creating therapy cycles for individuals with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, down syndrome, blindness, visual impairment, and other conditions that may impact their ability to ride. The focus of the project was to improve their well-being through custom-designed cycles that empowered them to socialize, expand their physical abilities, and enjoy the outdoors. These cycles feature custom designs tailored to the needs of the rider, including specifications such as armrests, foot, and heel straps, pedal modifications, foot, and leg rests, custom seating, and lap and chest belts. The modifications allow riders to enjoy cycling regardless of their conditions, and the cycles can even be fit to be powered by handlebars or a combination of foot and handlebar power.

Joe Tarver of Cycle for life acknowledged that the deconditioning process many face as they struggle with their conditions can create secondary disabilities such as visual impairment, high blood pressure, weight gain, and increased risk of diabetes. Movement through cycling can reduce the impact of these potential secondary disabilities while empowering them to seize control of their ability to exercise. Cycle for Life has since expanded to design several adaptive cycle models that address virtually any needs the rider may have. This exercise helps individuals connect with the world around them and keep active, creating a host of mental health benefits for years to come. Joe Tarver has mentioned that one of the benefits of the cycles provided by Cycle for Life is that they maximize the scope of physical therapy, providing thousands of dollars worth of physical therapy within years.

Colleagues of Joe Tarver of Cycle for Life maintain that Joe is a proponent of upholding principles such as diversity, equity, and inclusion. His vision for helping his community maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the simple pleasures of cycling has inspired many others throughout his career, and he has made it a personal mission to increase access to adaptive cycles while preaching their benefits. Clients of Joe Tarver consistently mention how his adaptive cycles have improved health outcomes and increased access to entertainment, as they consistently acknowledge that the simple joys of bike riding are appreciated by individuals from all walks of life. To increase the scope of his organization, Joe Tarver has partnered with several organizations throughout his area to get tailored cycles to those who need them most and is consistently looking for ways to help others within his community. Currently, Joe engages in philanthropic opportunities that connect individuals in need with cycles that are tailor-made for them.

Joe Tarver’s Skills

Joe Tarver of Cycle for Life has honed a wide variety of skills throughout his experience as an entrepreneur and business development professional. Below are a few of Joe’s areas of expertise.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Development
  • Operations
  • Logistics
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Administration
  • Philanthropy
  • Community Outreach
  • Marketing
  • Client Relations

While Joe has amassed several skills crucial to his success as an entrepreneur, he maintains a passion for furthering his acumen and remains a proponent of remaining a student of his industry. To this point, Joe Tarver is consistently looking for new ways to expand his knowledge base and utilize his skills to streamline processes for others.

More from Joe Tarver of Cycle for Life

Joe Tarver of Cycle for Life acknowledges that many people would like to learn more about entrepreneurship as it is a great way for business development professionals to hone their skills and make a living. He also recognizes that many individuals who want to learn more about therapeutic cycles may benefit from his insights on the space as a veteran of the industry. Through a collection of resources that address both his insights into business development and entrepreneurship and his work at Cycle for Life, Joe Tarver hopes to help others grow their understanding of the realities of business ownership to attain success in their career development. Future posts from Joe Tarver of Cycle for Life will address topics such as the health benefits of cycling, how cycling improves socialization and entertainment for participants, how budding entrepreneurs can seek out mentorship opportunities that may propel their careers, and characteristics individuals must embody to achieve success as an entrepreneur.

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